Mauritian Vie Massage® is launched - Accepting enrolments Nationwide.

London, UK: Ace Academy, a specialist World Class training centre for Beauty, Spa and Massage therapists has just launched the Mauritian Vie Massage® with an aim to serve as a one stop-shop for spa and massage professionals’ training and development.


Mauritian Vie Massage is inspired by the beautiful and soulful islands of Mauritius, known for tranquillity, harmonious co-existence and culturally enriched civilisations.

Being founded by an expert and recognised tutor, having over 25 years of industry experience in European and Asian environments, the courses offered by Ace Academy share all relevant teachings, therapies and modern practices for spa and massages.


The core values followed at Mauritian Vie Massage include high customer satisfaction and strong mental well-being.Mauritian Vie Massage® combines aromatherapy, stones, crystals, Indian head, exotic oils, usage of hand, forearms and bamboo for creating its positively energising massage that enriches mind, body and spirit. The training encompasses all of this and is suitable for those having an interest in holistic, spa and massage therapies and learning to create the ultimate relaxing massage experiences for their customers.


Ace Academy has recently announced the newly available Mauritian Vie Spa Massage® Diploma courses for spa professionals and Massage therapists. The Mauritian Vie Massage® is accredited with The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, Professional Beauty Direct and IPTI.


‍‍‍The course requires previous massage knowledge as a pre-requisite, while a comprehensive manual is also provided to the learners as a learning material. At present, the courses are being offered at the Portsmouth Hair & Beauty School (Hampshire) and the West London School of Beauty.


‍‍‍Mauritian Vie Massage® is recognised by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and offers 14 CPD Points to the successful therapists.

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